Watonwan County Humane Society's mission is to bring people and pets together. They are a private non-profit company dedicated to finding new homes for abandoned and unwanted pets. They help in finding a new family to take care of these pets. They hold adoption events every other Saturday at Pet Expo in Mankato Mn.; which they announce on their homepage.

On Pet Care

Dogs - Dogs are man's best friend it gives unconditional love, comfort, friendship and loyalty to humans. That's why caring for dogs is one most essential thing to learn.

  • Feed your dog at least 3 times a day, for puppy, feed more. Have it check with your vet if any allergies on dog food occur. And always remember that chocolates and Grapes can make your dog's heart beat fast that could lead to death.
  • Dogs need more attention and exercise. So walking your dog will make them more Healthy and Happy. More attention is one good communication for your dog to feel your support and love.
  • Most importantly, always give your dog more water!

Cats - Are like dogs . They are fun and happy pet and needs more attention too. Taking care of them is must that one cat lover should learn:

  • Take your cat to the vet regularly and complete the required vaccinations and for a Regular check - up.
  • Regular Grooming is very important for your kitty to prevent hairballs and stimulate blood circulation and its one perfect time to bond with your pet.
  • Make sure you feed your cat with the required amount of proper food at the right time.
  • Help your cat get good exercise, give toys to get him move around. Let him play around with you. Surely you'll enjoy!
  • Always think twice before you let your cat go outdoors. One important thing to remember


Watonwan County Humane Society
PO Box 346
St. James, MN 56081


or Call :507-217-6129
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